O-3000 Industrial Cameras

Industrial Cameras with Compessling Performance  

Open Source Driver and Open Interface Specification

O-3000 camera

The small-sized cameras of the O-3000 series deliver more than 30 FPS at full resolution of 1.2 Mpixel. They obtain the supply voltage over their high-speed USB 2.0 connection. The cameras come with either an adapter for S-, C-, or CS-mount lenses. They are equipped with a number of special functions like ROI (region of interest), HDR mode (high dynamic range), mirroring, binning, synchronization of multiple cameras, etc.

The interface specification of the camera is open und freely available. The user can easily and directly access the camera from any hardware and operating system. There is no dependency on any driver and therefore no limitation in usability. Hence, the camera is a formidable choice for use in embedded systems and embedded applications.

Note: The O-3000 cameras are no webcams. They do not support the UVC standard used in plug-and-play consumer gear. Instead the O-3000 cameras offer a simple and flexible interface, optimized for industrial vision.