Optimal Machine Drive Systems. Adapted to Special Demands.

Every machine sets individual requirements to its drive system. Normally, standard solutions only fit halfway and often the machine’s abilities are reduced to the commercial ones. It doesn’t have to be this way! Specific drive systems optimally solve the problem and are often even significantly cheaper.

There hardly are two machines with the same functions and demands. Typical standard drive systems try to somewhat meet all requirements. But that balancing fails when special requirements are needed. But what to do when the standard drive system is unable to reach the required dynamic, speed, precision, etc.?

Commercial controllers are equipped with a large number of typical interfaces for sensors and drives, as well as for communication. In most applications, however, only a fraction of these is actually needed. This costs space, money and energy. The advantage of these controllers is that they can be used without any initial investment. This is not entirely true, however, because you do have to learn how to use the device, or you commission the configuration externally.


Picture 1: PCS-8000 Machine Drive Systems.

With Innovation at an Advantage Internationally

In the case of special requirements, it may be paying off to develop a separate, optimized drive system for a few dozen or more devices. It is designed from the outset to fully support the flexibility of the machine by design. It optimally meets all individual requirements at optimal unit costs. The development of an individual drive requires an initial investment. However, the benefits and the low hardware costs outweigh this, because the specific drive includes exactly the required components and functions, the necessary sampling rate and the required number of channels, it has the right connectors in the right place, the appropriate mounting devices and cooling, etc. It is optimized for the required flexibility of the machine. It is optimized for the required performance and cost.

The decision for an own, optimal control is a strategic step. Breaking away from the given and, free of constraints, developing one’s own exemption features through special functions, which previously weren’t feasible or only feasible with difficulty. Innovation creates a head start! Specific machine drive systems are an economical alternative, whether through optimized machine controllers technology, more precise sensor evaluation, higher performance, expanded functions, etc.

Stettbacher Signal Processing AG has more than 20 years of experience in the construction and development of individual drive and machine controllers systems. Many typical components are available out of the box. Stettbacher offers years of support after sale. If required, a drive system can be expanded or functionally extended at any time.

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