Many of our customers are thankful when we also produce the developed devises for them. This reduces the amount of interfaces and simplifies the processes. We are set up for small series of up to 100 items a year. In addition to this, we certainly take care of the launch and the testing, and we keep the manufacturing documents up to date.

All from One Source

The development of a new machine controller, measurement or drive system is not enough. It is only with the transfer from the laboratory to production and finally into the customer's product that the new component unfolds its purpose and value. Particularly in the case of small series, a number of questions arise in this context.

Stettbacher Signal Processing AG (SSP) is well known as a specialized development service provider in the field of high-precision sensor and measurement technology, sophisticated signal and information processing, particularly dynamic control and drive technology, and more. All these technologies flow into application-specific electronic machine controllers, complex analytical systems, autonomous vehicles and many other innovative solutions for mainly Swiss industrial companies, SMEs and start-ups.

Many of these customer-specific developments end up being produced and used in relatively small quantities. Hence, the client is confronted with the question of efficient and economic production, testing and commissioning of the complex electronic modules. For this reason, SSP started several years ago to offer its customers not only the development of electronic devices but also the production as a service. This is particularly interesting for companies that have no specialists nor experience in handling modern electronic components. Many customers gladly take advantage of this offer.

On behalf of its customers, SSP organizes the procurement of materials, as well as the production of printed circuit boards, cables, and any mechanical components, for example housings, at long-standing partner companies. SSP uses its own employees for the assembly, commissioning and testing of the devices. Since the company does not charge a margin for these services, but - just as with the development services - only charges for its efforts, this is an extremely inexpensive and interesting offer.

Some examples:

1. A customer active in mechanical testing commissioned SSP to develop an highly versatile, multi-channel and modular machine controller with up to 12 high-precision measurement inputs per channels, housing, etc. Since then, SSP produces and delivers about 100 ready-to-use, fully tested devices per year on call at a fixed price.

2. For a renowned manufacturer of testing equipment for the textile, paper, leather and plastics industries, SSP developed – among others – a dedicated optical hand-held measuring instrument. The battery-operated instrument has a special camera, as well as an electronic processing circuit with some keys and a small display. With customer-supplied housings, SSP produces batches of 50 ready-to-sell instruments each at a flat rate.

3. For a very special magnetic motor, SSP designed and realized a drive unit consisting of a 1- or 3-phase mains rectifier with PFC, as well as a 1-phase inverter for powers up to 4 kW. The units are completely manufactured and tested by SSP in batches of 10 pieces.

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