O-3000 Industrial Image Processing System

VisionBox Schematic

O-3000 VisionBox  

The O-3000 VisionBox complements our cameras to build a complete image processing system, including hard- and software. The box is a compact, fanless embedded PC, which contains the camera driver, the image processing library, the entire development environment and an interface to the host machine. The VisionBox thus enables a quick and inexpensive way to the desired vision solution.


The most important features of the VisionBox are:

  • Intel or AMD CPU, fanless, passive cooling.
  • 7 x 24 hours nonstop operation (at 5 to 35 deg C).
  • Connectors for one or multiple O-3000 cameras.
  • Ethernet as connection to the host machine.
  • Linux with power-on-AC, wake-on-LAN.


There are three ways to get the VisionBox ready:

  • You use one of the algorithms pre-installed on the VisionBox.
  • You write your own algorithm by yourself. Our courses help you to learn how to do it.
  • You let us develop your algorithm. Please ask us for a quote.